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Polycarbonate and Fibreglass Roofing

Ridgeway supply polycarbonate and twinwall sheeting from Ampelite, Laserlite, Carb-O-Lite, Naturelite and Danpalon.  Products include:

  • Ampelite Solasafe
  • Lexan Thermoclear Twinwall
  • Ampelite Fiberglass
  • Laserlite 2000+, Laserlite 3000
  • Markrolon® Twinwall
  • Carbolite Twinwall
  • Naturelite Twinwall
  • Danpalon


Ampelite Solasafe


Ampelite logo no outline

Solasafe logo     Ampelite Solasafe

Ampelite Solasafe polycarbonate sheeting provides 99.9% protection from harmful UV rays. Solasafe is ideal for outdoor entertainment areas and is available in a colour, profile and heat range to suit every application.


Level One

This is the most widely used Solasafe polycarbonate sheet.  It is available in three profiles with varying light and heat transmission and seven colours depending on the profile.

Profiles: Corrugated, Greca, 5 Rib.

Colours: Clear, Light Bronze, Grey, Opal, Wheat, Dark Tint.

Level Two

This is the Solasafe Comfort Range. It offers low transmitted heat and softer light.  It is available in two profiles and two colours.

Profiles:  Corrugated, Greca.

Colours: Smooth Cream, Mist Green.

Level Three

This is the Solasafe HR1 Heat Reducing Sheeting. This is especially suitable to hot climates and contains metallic particles to reflect the heat but allow soft diffused light to pass through. It is available in two profiles and two colours.

Profiles: Corrugated, Greca.

Colours:  Pearl Ice, Silver Mist.

Lexan Thermoclear 


Lexan sheet tag-logo - Blue     Lexan Thermoclear Polycarbonate Sheet

Lexan Thermoclear multiwall polycarbonate sheeting is a high quality, low maintenance glazing material that is built to last.  Based on Lexan polycarbonate resin, it delivers high impact strength, an excellent balance of low weight and high stiffness and natural "water - clear transparency".

From conservatories, greenhouses and swimming pools, to industrial buildings, this versatile range of materials helps to deliver state-of-the-art, lightweight glazing for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Ampelite stock 10mm twinwall sheet which is widely used in small commercial and residential applications where superior stiffness is required.


Size: 10mm Thickness, 700mm wide and 1050mm wide.

Colours:  Clear, Opal, Lt Bronze, Grey, Metallic Grey.


Size 16mm Thickness, 1050mm wide.

Colours:  Clear, Opal.

 Ampelite Fiberglass

Domestic Grade Fiberglass has a polyester film surface protection system. This tough film forms an integral part of the sheet and increses its life as it prevents reinforcing fibres becoming exposed on the surface of the sheet.

For even better weather ability , please consider Wonderglass GCP.


Domestic Grade Fiberglass Brochure


Wonderglass GCP Brochure


Fiberglass sheeting - weight 1200 g/m2 and 1800 g/m2.


Profiles: Corrugated and 5 Rib.

Comes in a range of colours.


Laserlite 2000+, Laserlite 3000

images    Laserlite 2000+, Laserlite 3000


Ridgeway supply high quality polycarbonate sheeting from Laserlite.

Laserlite is ideal for the following applications:

  • verandas
  • pergola roofing
  • gazebos
  • outdoor living areas

Laserlite brouchure

Makrolon® Multiwall

 makrolon 2 Makrolon Multiwall

Makrolon® Multiwall is an advanced polycarbonate glazing system, offering design freedom for a wide range of commercial, industrial and domestic roofing and cladding applications. Domestic applications include pergolas, patios, carports, verandahs, skylights, gazebos, sunrooms and pool covers.

Commercially, Makrolon® Multiwall is suitable for shopping centres, sports complexes, screens, walls or greenhouse applications.

Makrolon brouchure


Size 10mm Thickness, 1050mm wide

Colours:  Clear, Bronze Tint, Grey Tint, Platinum, Steel, Opal.


Many architects now ensure that building use polycarbonate over glass due to its
superior heat reducing abilities and the cost saving. Polycarbonate sheeting is
often found all around us. Aeroplane windows, bank screens (usually solid
material) and signage often are polycarbonate.


Carbolite Polycarbonate Tech Details


Size: 8mm Thickness, 700mm wide and 1050mm wide

Colours:  Clear, Grey, Bronze, Ice, Solar Metal.


Size: 8mm Thickness, 1220mm wide.

Colours:  Clear, Grey, Bronze, Opal.


Size: 10mm Thickness, 1050mm wide.

Colours:  Clear, Grey, Bronze, Opal, Solar Metal.


Twinwall polycarbonate system is the ideal sheet to give you a cost effective, stylish and classy improvement to your property with numerous applications.


Pergolas, patios, awnings, petitions, verandahs, carports, fences, walkway, shopping centre, sport stadium grandstands, swimming pool enclosure, greenhouses, replacement of glass for verandahs, and small windows.


Size: 10mm Thickness, 700mm, 980mm, 1050 wide.

Colours: Bronze, Clear, Grey, Opal.



Danpalon is a complete daylighting solution offering exceptional quality of light, thermal insulation and UV protection with a rich non-industrial visual appeal. The Danpalon system offers substantial physiological and psychological benefits in all work and living spaces.

CREATE with natural light. Use the translucency or transparency of the panels in design to transform buildings in to areas of light and colour, resulting in stunning effects during the day and through the night. Use the Danpalon system for roofing, facades, cladding or partitions, both internally and externally.

Microcell technology for better thermal performance and efficient lateral expansion.

The heart of the Danpalon System is the Standing Seam Connection method that is 100% leak proof and offers flexibility of use that translates into unequalled design freedom.


Danpalon Brochure