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Skylights & Solar Tubes

  • Skydome Trim
  • Skyspan
  • Velux
  • Skydome
  • Regent
  • Natural Lighting


Skydome Trim

Ridgeway Roofing Supplies manufacture and stock Skydome Trim. The trim seals the edges of a dome and helps to hold it in place on the roof. The trim comes in zincalume steel and comes in lengths of 1200 and 1500mm. 











Roof Skylights

There are many reasons to incorporate roof skylights into a building. The spectrum
of daylight is much broader than can be achieved by any form of electrical
lighting. Energy can be saved by actively using light from roof skylights and reducing the
amount of electricity needed to provide light.

SKYSPAN roof-skylights

Product information for Skyspan roof skylights

Roof Windows

There are many reasons to incorporate roof windows into a building. The spectrum
of daylight is much broader than can be achieved by any form of electrical
lighting. Energy can be saved by actively using light from roof windows and reducing the
amount of electricity needed to provide light.


Product information for Skyspan Roof Windows


Access Hatchways

Access Hatchways allow acces to your roof.

SKYSPAN metal-access-hatchway

Product information for Access Hatchways

Pitch Adaptor Flashings

Skyspan has a full range of Pitch Adaptor and FCM flashings for European roof windows. Pitch Adaptor flashings complement European roof windows that normally would not be able to be installed on roofs with pitches below 15°. These flashings are supplied standard from ZINCALUME® steel and the COLORBOND® range of colours. The Pitch Adaptor flashings are available in 15°, 7° and 0° and are available to suit all roof profiles.

SKYSPAN pitch-adaptor

Product Information for Pitch Adaptor Flashings





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Velux Brochure





Enjoy fresh air even if the window is out of reach. Read more about Velux
electric and manually opening skylights.  Fixed skylights are used where daylight
is the only requirement.

 Velux Skylights

 Velux Fixed and Opening Skylights Product Guide


 Roof Windows

The traditional timber roof window with a vent flap  is suitable for attic situations. Read
more about the center pivoting and the dual action roof window.

Velux Roof Window

                                                                      Velux Roof Window Product Guide


Control your light and add further insulation with our Velux solar powered, electric
or manually operated blinds.

 Velux Blind


Velux Blinds Product Guide

Sun Tunnels

An innovative solution for bringing sunlight into those dark areas of your home
where windows aren’t an option.

Velux Sun Tunnel

Velux Sun Tunels Product Guide








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Installing a Skydome allows you the freedom to design any room away from the exterior walls and still provide natural light in a cost-effective and energy efficient way.

 Skydome Technical Information


 Skytube Intech

The innovative Skytube Intech is ideal for bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, walk-in robes or any area too small to install a traditional skydome but still in need of natural light. Skytube Intech collects the low elevation sunlight in the early morning, late afternoon and winter, whilst at the same time regulating the light during the hot midday summer sun to provide cooler daylight.

 SKYDOME skytube-intech

Skytube Intech Technical Information



A Skywindow is suitable when converting attic space to create a studio, spare bedroom or a cosy reading nook.  A Skywindow provides a practical way to take advantage of unused space. A Skywindow will add a natural light and refreshing breezes while creating a sense of space.

Skywindow Technical Information







regent skylights

Regent Skylights provide fully flashed lead free skylights to suit corrugated iron, metal deck and tile. They can be fitted with high impact acrylic or polycarbonate domes, available in opal, clear or tint. The skylight base can be painted to suit COLORBOND® colours.

Corrolux corrugated Iron Skylights (Acrylic Opal Glazing)

  • Available in both vented and non-vented
  • press-formed metal base closes off corrugations neatly reducing the usage of unsightly sealants, resulting in a perfect finish.


 Corrolux Brochure

Universal Metal Deck Skylights (Acrylic Opal Glazing)

  • Available in both vented and non-vented
  • pRess-formed metal base suits most popular forms of metal deck roofing with rib heights of up to 50mm.

                                                                      Universal Metal Deck Brochure

Natural Lighting

Natural Lighting Products has the experience and ability to custom make skylights to suite almost any situation including:

  • non-standard sizes - square, rectangular and circular bases
  • materials including zincalume, galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminium
  • acrylic and polycarbonate glazing
  • Pyramidal or circular shaped dome types, flat glass to specification

Metal Access Hatches

Access Hatches from Natural Lighting Products combine versatility with functionality. Our hatches are the perfect solution that combines access to roof areas and also provides natural sunlight to brighten your room.

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